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Apple EarPods are, in many ways, the distillation of every invention in human history.

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The Apple AirPods are considered the spiritual successor to the EarPods.

After all, the AirPods offer pretty much the same audio quality as the old Apple EarPods (you know, the wired headphones you got with your iPhone).For the first time, we have a product that blends the power of technology with the beauty of the human figure.

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You also do not have a battery life to worry about since they are completely passive.

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They are designed to fit the ear while retaining a new design pushed by Apple alongside the iPod and iPod Touch products, with which they were sold together.

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Is there anybody who can compare the new AirPods to the Apple In-Ear Headphones.

It is inserted in the ear canal itself and blocks out a lot of environmental noise.Our Apple AirPods arrived on Dec 20th and it came in a box that was much larger than the AirPods package.

Sometimes it can sound a little raspy, but for the most part the audio quality is solid.

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And trust me, only Bose SoundSport seems to be the only one option which genuinely beats apple EarPods.They look like a pair of the wired earpods with the cable snipped off, and they draw the eye in the way a pair of earring does.technically, though, they are a marvel.

The Apple AirPods are better headphone than the Earpods if you want a wireless design.I have been an avid iPod user for about 4 years, and for 4 years I have witnessed the untimely deaths of my Apple earbuds.

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The Bose SoundSport Free earbuds have very clear, crisp sound.In the following article we compare Sony STH30 and Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic features and specifications.When compared toApple EarPods with Remote and Mic, the Sony STH30 hassimilar Fequency Range,similar Sensitivity,similar Audio Quality,we detail our comparison below.

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You can play or pause, skip forward or back, fast forward or rewind, and of course increase and decrease the volume.Apple is working on a fix for an issue that can cause the new Lightning EarPods designed for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to stop working properly, the company said in a statement given to.

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The Earpods are wired, so they do not have the range and convenience of the wireless AirPods.Sound quality is the same on the new EarPods as it is on the old versions.

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