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Skip the instruction and tutorial then start using Remote Mouse.Android Phones has become the most popular handy devices that are why the applications and uses of Android phone are not only limited to use this as a simple phone, instead, now you can use your Android phone as a wireless mouse for your Windows computer and control the mouse arrow.For those of you using Android phones, the apps and directions included here should apply no matter who made your Android phone: Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

How to Use a Mouse on Android for Better Accuracy

How to use your Android Phone as a PC/Laptop Mouse Without

Basically, it acts as a mini-viewer on your phone, showing you the area where your mouse is hovering.Culture How to use your Android device as a cordless mouse and keyboard.

You can try to control your desktop with a game controller, but your smartphone will do the trick as well.Here are the best android apps to control Windows 10 from the phone.

The State of Keyboard and Mouse Input on Android - Tested

Tap on the keyboard icon in the upper-right corner of the app screen.

how to control pc mouse from android device without client

An Android app called RemoteDroid allows Android smartphones to become wireless computer touch pads and keyboards.Android game lovers love playing games on their Android phone and tablets with touch screen built in.

We will discuss three apps for this purpose and pick the winner out of three.Method 1: How to Access Screen-Broken Android via OTG Adapter.Most Android smartphones support Bluetooth, allowing you to connect wireless headphones, mice, keyboards, and other accessories or to transfer contacts or files between devices without wires.By connecting this simple dock to a display and a keyboard and mouse, it can essentially transform a smartphone into a basic Android-powered PC.

If so, please explain how to do it. (I want to see a mouse pointer on my main screen and control it by moving the fingers on the screen of the Android phone used as touchpad).From here, you can use your mouse or keyboard to navigate your phone or tablet as you normally would.

Use Android phone as a mouse? - GeForce Forums

Using this app you can convert your phone into wireless mouse, keyboard, and more.

How to Remote Control Ubuntu from an Android Phone - Make

Your phone can be used a trackpad, or could be used to use a media player using custom controls.

An Android app called RemoteDroid, allows Android smartphones to become wireless computer touch pads and keyboards.

How to Use Your Android Smartphone As A Mouse Or A

How to turn your old phone into a basic PC for cheap | PCWorld

If you have never heard about it, following is a step-by-step guide to help you connect your smartphones to laptop and pc and use it as mouse and keyboard.Android OS has increased the overall usage domain of mobile phones in a short period of time.You can pull...

Use Your Android Device As A PC Gamepad Or Mouse With DroidPad

How many things can be completed using your Android smart phone, now you can add one more to the list as in the due course of the article we will see on how you can turn your Android phone into a mouse or say a Wireless Remote or even a track pad.

Use Android as Multi-Touch Mouse and Speech to Text Converter

WiFi Mouse This is the only app in this list to support the most number of operating systems.

Use your Android phone as a wireless touchpad & keyboard

You can save sessions, zoom and scale the Linux desktop on the Android screen, and share the text in the clipboard between Android and PC.This app will not only transform your phone into a Mouse and Keyboard, but also a Gamepad, Data Cable, Media Controller and many more.

How to Use Your Phone as Mouse for PC or Mac? - Tactig

Moreover, a slideshow menu lets you have complete control over your presentations without having to present them using your laptop.

Now you can use your Windows Phone as an Air Mouse

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