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Get the facts about the Paleo diet, so you can make the best choice for your health.

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Everyone is always looking for the quickest way to lose weight.With the continual advancements in technology and lifestyle, the human behavior has also experienced very grave changes.

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As such, a paleo diet consists of.The Paleolithic diet, Paleo diet, caveman diet, or stone-age diet is a modern fad diet requiring the sole or predominant consumption of foods presumed to have been the only foods available to or consumed by humans during the Paleolithic era.

The Paleo diet is one of the most popular low-carb and high-protein diets around.A paleo diet is one based on the premise that the optimal diet is that of our evolutionary ancestors during the paleolithic era.

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Steven Lin writes on dental health for babies and toddlers and the wonders of the oral Microbiome.

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Sports dietitians work with athletes on ways to optimize their performance through what they eat and drink.

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Gluten free paleo blog, recipes and podcasts help you take charge of your health with the latest info from Natural Health practitioner Beverly Meyer.Whether it be low-fat, low-carb, high-fat or high protein, there can be something valuable in whichever diet you choose.Paleo is an ancestral approach that prioritizes eating real, whole, nutrient-dense foods.

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In addition to our Paleo diet food list, you should also consider using our free Paleo recipes, or try our Paleo Meal Plan free for 14 days.You can read the article below or scroll down to watch a video presentation by Brenda Davis.What is the difference between the paleo diet and the keto diet.Currently, about 7% of people in the US have diabetes, but that doesn.

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The optimum diet for the human animal based on the nutritional requirements established during its evolutionary path to its present form (the modern homo sapiens).The paleolithic diet is a controversial one, mainly for its basis in a few debatable theories, the most important of which being that modern humans are adapted to the diet of early humans from the Paleolithic era, and that our genetics have not changed since then.Gone are those days, when humans used to befriend their co-existors on this planet.The primal diet encourages the consumption of raw, full-fat dairy as a source of healthy fats, while the paleo diet restricts dairy.

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